Kunal Jain

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Everyone dreams of being in a true relationship in their life these days that is a rare thing in humans and my all artworks theme is based on that different kind of emotions in my surrounding area especially in youngsters life of phenomenon of relationship. It is here many realize that a `Mirage` is the word truly defines the relationship. As people started to value materialism over the human relationship and it is because of this the inner self of the one is being ignored and prioritized low when compared to the materialistic outer world.

Melancholy, believe & monogamy emotions theme of my paintings. In nature, the bird `swan is one of the creatures who have soul mates and this is what, I have symbolized in my work that how we as a human being should take inspiration from them. The expressions betray, selfless loves & hatred that defines love are the subjects of my paintings similar to the subject my technique is also realistic.

I have done my BFA in Painting from Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi. Currently, I am living and working in New Delhi studio.

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